Division 2 Estimating
Sitework estimating for the 21st century
Division 2 Estimating, LLC provides all of the sitework estimating services required for your project. We take the time to listen to you, and develop your estimate based on your needs. Depending upon the scope and complexity of the project in question, our services could include, but are not limited to the following:
Topsoil Stripping & Respread
Mass Cut & Fill
Import or Export
Site / Bldg Wall Cutback & Backfill
Fine Grade for Bldg Pads & Paving Areas
Curb Backfill
BALANCE Cut / Fill
Mass Rock Estimates (with GeoTech Report)
Trench Rock Estimates (with GeoTech Report)
Disturbed Area
Clearing Area
Division 2 Estimating, LLC can run different grading scenarios to determine what adjustment to grade, either raising or lowering, are needed to find that all important point at which your site balances.  Thereby eliminating the need for costly import  / export of dirt.
Most sites can be 'balanced' but not all.  Depending on specific conditions on the existing site and the requirements to meet proposed grades.
All Grading quantities produced using Quest Sitework Software
Please specifiy which scopes you want estimated on the Online Order Form